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Valentine’s Day in Valencia: A Story of Love and Gratitude

Feliz Día de San Valentín. Actually this commercialized holiday is not much of a thing in Spain (one of the few saints not celebrated with a day off from school apparently). But why, you may ask, am I posting random photos of a cell phone holder on my crappy bike and a batidora (blender) today? 

These are a few of the little things my dear love does to make my life easier. #actsofservice ❤️ I wanted to do a special shout-out to him today even though he eschews social media. 

• I complained about getting lost and confused when biking around Valencia; our bikes are our daily mode of transport and listening to directions in my earbud can still be tricky without Google Maps in front of me. A few days ago I delighted to find a cell phone holder mounted on my bike, along with a lock to prevent it from getting immediately stolen by the local cabal of bike accessory thieves. (Yes, that’s really a thing here.) Note I would have never gone to the trouble of getting this contraption myself. 
• I discovered the blender I originally bought when we first arrived in Valencia has the weakest motor ever, rendering it useless. But I haven’t gotten around to researching and shopping for a more powerful one. He goes to El Corte Inglés and interrogates the kitchen appliances section for a solid one so I can make smoothies and my favorite dishes I’ve been missing without my Cuisinart here. 

The little things, right? This past year has brought a lot of adventure, excitement, and exploration but not with its challenges and significant transitions for us as a couple and as a family. I’m grateful for his daily partnership, patience, perspective, and support. And for doing most of the morning bike ride drop-offs at school. This is no LA winter! 😉