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Reflecting on Our EuroTrip 2022: Lessons Learned

Reflections on EuroTrip 2022:
After 7 weeks of travel, Dave has a greater understanding of why his parents did family vacations at Hawaiian resorts. πŸ˜‰ Moving cities, adjusting to new spaces, languages, customs, etc. is difficult for most travelers, but amplified when you have a little guy who relies on routine and predictability in his days. Although this kind of travel can be exciting, invigorating, and beautiful, as the adage goes, it’s a trip, not a vacation. πŸ˜† 

#1: How glorious it is not to need a car. We enjoyed the ease and efficiency of public transportation, and well-connected, thoughtful bike lanes, in most cities. Coming from LA, this is a marvel. 

#2: Impressed with the playground scenes and amenities, especially in Switzerland and Germany. In safe cities where people leave their toys in the sand, this was a real treat. 

#3: Variability of Airbnb/VRBO experiences, despite extensive research to book higher-end, family-friendly places that fit our needs. On the one hand Munich and ZΓΌrich were so terrific we would have lived in them long-term. On the other hand, Nuremberg and Venice didn’t quite hit the mark. 

#4: We couldn’t wrap our heads around the ubiquitousness of smoking in Europe, still! It remains common at outdoor dining and very noticeable across all ages. We spent a lot of time trying to avoid it. Particularly alarming was the incidence of parents and caregivers smoking right in front of babies and children. 

#5: Why are there no screens on windows? You have to keep them open for air flow when most places lack AC, but there are also bugs flying in and out. πŸ€” 

#6: Other than Switzerland, very affordable to eat, drink, and explore (this also coincided with favorable Euro exchange rates). Great dinners in most cities for less than 40 euro, including alcohol. 

#7: With this kind of travel, flexibility is key. Slowing down for playground breaks and more casual dining settings. Generous use of babysitters (planning and vetting needed, it’s time-consuming but worth it – Babysits app and family travel online group recs FTW!). Finally, as essential as our travel stroller was for this trip, Jacob is now even more resistant to walking.πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ