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Moroccan Adventures: Exploring Asilah and Tangier

Third Stop: Asilah and a day in Tangier 

After leaving the mountains in Chefchaouen, a two-hour drive brought us to the northwestern coast and the relaxed, quaint beach town of Asilah. Itโ€™s a small but interesting old city which is easy to navigate on your own. Unlike the previous stops, there were more green spaces and pedestrian-only promenades, and the first playground we had seen in a city center on the trip. 

Unfortunately, it was one of those days we all have experienced: Jacob was in a bad mood. Maybe it was just too many old walled cities at this point. Luckily, we happened upon a playground with other kids, as well as an indoor gym with a bunch of bouncy houses, and a plaza with Powerwheels for rent on the cheap. 
These kid-friendly attractions saved our collective sanity during the two-day visit, along with a visit to the beach where Jacob got out a lot of energy building a fortified wall-inspired sandcastle (like the cities weโ€™ve visited thus far in Morocco) and wasnโ€™t fazed by the freezing Atlantic Ocean temperatures. 

We stayed at the lovely Riad Al Alba in Asilah; we were some of the few tourists at this off-season time of year but can imagine how crowded the town gets in the peak of summer. Though we didnโ€™t utilize any babysitting on this particular trip, I was fortunate to get a nice break at the Hammam Al Alba, with 90 minutes of a body scrub (losing a layer of skin in the best way possible!) and massage. 

Finally, we headed to Tangier for the day, visiting Hercules Grotto, Cap Spartel at the meeting of Atlantic and Mediterranean oceans, the old city, and enjoying the harbor area. 

Shoutout again to Morocco Colourful Tours @morocco_colourful_tours especially our guide Mouloud and driver Ahmed pictured in the last two photos. They were wonderful with Jacob, and made this trip incredibly special. 

We plan to return again to explore Marrakech, Casablanca, and the desert around the High Atlas Mountains. If you have any tips, Iโ€™d love to hear them in the comments. 

And thanks community for following along on this trip! โค๏ธ