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Marveling at the Matterhorn: Family Time in Zermatt, Switzerland

Though a bit of a detour from the major train routes into the country from northern Italy, we’re so glad we took the time to spend a few days in Zermatt, Switzerland, marveling at the Matterhorn. It’s hard to imagine a more picturesque place when the weather cooperates — and we’re fortunate that it has during our stay. 

Taking the Gornergrat train up through the mountain valleys and seeing the Matterhorn so clearly on a sunny, relatively warm day was an incredible experience. Jacob especially loved watching the colorful paragliders floating through the air (after he had his pouch snack, of course). 

And we certainly haven’t been to a playground with a better view than this one! With an adjacent bar for parents, they really thought of everything.

Since Jacob isn’t quite up to real hikes (at least without a fair amount of whining), we used our ‘Alpine Nanny’ time to go for a long hike and commune with some happy cows and sheep. 

One advantage to an early riser: catching the Matterhorn in a cloudless sky, just outside the Airbnb 🤩 .