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Lake Como Charm in Varenna

We stayed a few days in Varenna on Lake Como, ferrying around to other towns (Bellagio, Menaggio) during the day but pleased to return to peaceful Varenna for the evenings and sunset walks around 9 p.m. Many of the views reminded us of fjords in and around Bergen and Balestrand, Norway, as well as the Amalfi Coast. 

Through our Airbnb host we found a lovely babysitter, Bea, who kept Jacob engaged and laughing as they fed ducks and birds by the waterfront. 

Waking up Wednesday morning to the news out of Uvalde was heartbreaking and infuriating; it was difficult to focus on much else, despite our surroundings. What a contrast to be traveling through countries where the fear and reality of massacres in elementary schools with assault weapons isn’t part of daily life. Hugging Jacob even closer today and demanding legislative action and policy change (again and again) from afar …