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Interactive Fun in Luzern: Swiss Museum of Transport and More

We went all the way to Switzerland for Jacob to do manual labor πŸ˜† Seriously though, if you asked Jacob, one of the highlights of the trip so far would be the Swiss Museum of Transport in Luzern (@verkehrshaus), which has both outdoor and indoor interactive exhibits on trains, planes, boats, vehicles, construction, and much more. Jacob loved it so much that we actually went back two afternoons in a row! So now we’re all fully indoctrinated on the brilliance of the Swiss public transportation system (as if we hadn’t been already after two weeks of traveling here). All the museum needs is a beer garden and on-site childcare and it would really be a parents’ dream. 

Although the weather in Luzern was more variable and unpredictable with on-and-off rain no matter what the weather app said, we still enjoyed our time touring this charming city. The old town area, with the moving Lowendenkmal (Lion Monument), colorful and ornate building facades, as well as some incredibly old wooden bridges, lured us back for many walks even in the rain. 

After being immersed in the Swiss Alps in Zermatt and the Berner Oberland, we felt fine skipping the obligatory day trip to Mt. Pilatus in favor of renting bikes to explore the lake waterfront on one sunny morning. Meanwhile Jacob had his favorite babysitter excursion yet to the toy store to pick out (you guessed it) a set of construction trucks – travel size only though!