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Hasta La Próxima, Pau

Saying “hasta la próxima,” for now, to Jacob’s beloved babysitter, Pau, as she embarks on a next chapter of her teaching education and career in Madrid.

Pau has been in our lives in Valencia for almost a year. I could go on and on about how amazing she is: her natural gifts of creativity, imagination, joy, patience, responsibility, and understanding, all of which she has imparted to Jacob through their time together. She has helped and supported our family through SO many transitions. Between visits to probably every playground in town, biking and scootering in the Turia river park, museum outings, and much more, she and Jacob discovered the gems of family-friendly Valencia together, too. But above all, Jacob loves Pau and has so much fun spending time with her.

Ever the train lover, Jacob is eager to meet Pau at the station on her trips back to Valencia to visit her family (and hopefully us too). We love you and we’ll miss you, Pau!