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Navigating the Buzzing Streets of Milan: Duomos, Da Vinci, and Delicious Diversions

From no cars in Venice to the bustling streets of Milan – thankfully we’re not driving here! The public transit system is excellent and it’s super easy to get around. Lots to explore and do, from the impressive Duomo, the can’t-miss Last Supper, and an excellent Leonardo Da Vinci Science and Technology Museum to entertain all ages. 

Despite a couple of meltdowns, Jacob rebounded nicely in Milan’s peaceful parks and gardens, even finding a Griffith Park “Travel Town” equivalent train ride in Parci Sempione and a carousel in Giardini Indro Montanelli. 

As much as we love the Italian food, we needed a break one night and stumbled upon a low-key Eritrean dinner at Ristorante Africa that was absolutely delicious and toddler-approved. Special shout-out to #allanticovinaiomilano for the outstanding focaccia sandwiches that refueled us after a long morning of Duomo touring (although as pictured, Jacob said he wanted a hamburger instead 🤷🏼‍♀️). 

Not surprisingly, the birthday boy preferred an al fresco picnic on the Airbnb patio and a guided tour of “The Last Supper” on his special day.