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Farewell to Friends: An Unforgettable Chapter in Valencia

We’re really going to miss these guys as they wrap up their two-month stint working remotely and living abroad in Valencia. 

Though Marisol and I first connected years ago via our mutual friend Jordana and a weekly Bachelor viewing party in LA (I’m starting to accept that many of my friendships began this way 😆), I don’t think we talked about the show once during her time here. Truth be told, I got too frustrated trying to watch it via a VPN and now just listen to recap podcasts. But I digress… 

Instead we explored our charming, shared neighborhood of El Carmen, took yoga en español, discovered the few acceptable playgrounds with adjacent bars (shout-out to their fave, Convento II), enjoyed so many memorable meals and drinks throughout the city, commiserated about the pros and cons of family travel, and had many a deep conversation over cafes con leche about what the hell we’re doing with our lives. Dave was also thrilled to be able to talk about sports other than fútbol with Mark (among other serious existential topics), though they did enjoy watching World Cup games the past few weeks. Poor Mark also had to endure the three of us casually invoking legal terms in too many conversations; sorry not sorry, Mark. We may not have found all the answers to our personal and professional quandaries, but we have solidified a wonderful friendship. 

We admire you both for taking the leap to do this for yourselves and for LB. Thanks for picking Valencia over Sevilla and for being a invaluable part of our family adventure abroad. ❤️