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Farewell Los Angeles (for now), and Hola Newmans

And we’re off! Sold the house, both of our cars, left my job, shedded about 70% of our worldly possessions, with the rest moved into a storage unit. After a visit with Nana Lucy in Philly, we’re embarking on seven weeks of travel through six countries in Europe before our family adventure abroad residing in Valencia, Spain.

We’ll plan to share more as we go documenting our travels (and travails) with a 3-year-old in tow at @holanewmans.

What you don’t see in these photos are the 10+ months of long conversations late into the evenings, significant research & planning (so many Google spreadsheets!), cumbersome visa process, and the many difficult and complicated decisions made as a family to get us to this exciting moment. Saying goodbye, for now, to dear grandparents, our wonderful babysitter, Terri, and many close friends, including at Jacob’s 3rd birthday party at his beloved Travel Town in Griffith Park (as we were finally able to gather for an outdoor celebration two years into the pandemic), was full of emotion too, but we look forward to receiving visitors in Valencia over the coming year.

This journey is also a continuation of my grief, which is always with me and evolving every day. Dad, I miss so much, every day. I hope we honor you, your adventurous spirit, and your zest for life. Every cathedral and museum we visit is for you. ❤️