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Reflections on the Evolution of Friendships as an Expat in Valencia

After a whirlwind visit back to LA, filled to the brim with reunions with family and longtime friends, and with a year and a half in Valencia under our belts, I’ve been reflecting about the nature of friendships. There is a lot of transience in the expat population but also a desire for connection and […]

Celebrating the Spirit of Hanukkah in Valencia

For the second year since we’ve been living in Valencia, I visited Jacob’s Spanish Montessori preschool classroom to share about the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah: the story, history, rituals, and traditions. I actually visited a few days before the official “first night” of Hanukkah since that coincided with several days of a holiday break (or […]

Grief and the Guitar in Valencia

Today Dad would have turned 72 years old. I miss him so very much. Dad taught me to play guitar before I went to college. I played piano for about a decade first, so it actually wasn’t too difficult to pick up. Guitar was one of Dad’s lifelong passions; he practiced and played every day. […]

Halloween Festivities and Life Cycles in Valencia

It’s been a dark couple weeks in the news cycle, to say the least (hence me going full absurdist with my costume this year), but Halloween brought a few lighter opportunities to celebrate our favorite holiday abroad. As compared with last year we noticed many more commercial decorations and costume options in the city center […]

Celebrating the Publication of the Third Edition in Philadelphia

Thanks to all the dear family, friends, and colleagues who attended the event hosted by Drexel Westphal College of Media Arts & Design to celebrate the posthumous publication of the third edition of my father’s book, History of Modern Design, and coinciding with Design Philadelphia week. The event also supported the David S. Raizman Endowed […]

Reflections on a Year of Preschool in Valencia

What a year of transitions, frustration, growth, adaptation, and patience… Everybody tells you, “kids are so adaptable!” but this was A LOT: a big move from the only home Jacob had known since he was born; leaving the daycare and preschool he’d attended since he was four months old; extended travel across five countries over […]

Hasta La Próxima, Pau

Saying “hasta la próxima,” for now, to Jacob’s beloved babysitter, Pau, as she embarks on a next chapter of her teaching education and career in Madrid. Pau has been in our lives in Valencia for almost a year. I could go on and on about how amazing she is: her natural gifts of creativity, imagination, […]

Reflections on One Year in Valencia: The Journey Continues

A year ago on July 4th we arrived in Valencia … those first few months were a whirlwind and quite stressful, between the crazy heat and humidity we weren’t at all prepared for, rental housing woes, understandable but still difficult parenting challenges with all of the transitions, navigating a new city and some very stark […]

Jacob Turns Four: A Spanish Birthday Celebration

Jacob cumplió 4 años!  Here in Valencia, many families choose to host a birthday party at an indoor play space called a ‘ludoteca’ where the food, cake, beverages, games/activities/costumes, supervision, and cleanup is all included. At the Diverfiesta space we chose, all we had to do was show up and let them take care of […]