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An Expat's Voyage of Discovery

Hola! I’m Becky, a passionate traveler, partner, parent, and your storyteller. This space serves as a chronicle of our family’s transformative adventure, one that has led us from the familiar streets of Los Angeles, California to the charming alleyways of Valencia, Spain.

At its core, our story transcends the physical journey. Triggered by the sudden death of my beloved father in early 2021, and shaped by my grieving process, we embarked on this expat experience to embrace change, live out our family’s priorities and dreams, and keep his legacy alive. Through the tales of our travels, living in Spain, and this blog, we honor his enduring influence and spirit while connecting with others and sharing the highs, lows, and everything in-between.

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Welcome to our family’s narrative – a colorful tapestry woven with tales of international exploration, heartfelt and honest reflections on life as expats, and deeper dialogues on navigating parenting and grief.

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πŸ“Œ Places

Featured Destinations

Some of our favorite travel destinations as a family.


Delve into the idyllic realm of Switzerland, where majestic Alps, pristine lakes, and charming villages coalesce, leading you on a journey through picture-perfect landscapes and time-honored tradition.


Immerse yourself in Italy's rich heritage, a captivating symphony of ancient ruins, Renaissance masterpieces, and gastronomical delights, all set against a backdrop of diverse landscapes and timeless charm.


Embark on a mesmerizing journey through Morocco, where the rich tapestry of its ancient heritage and colorful contemporary culture coalesces in enchanting medinas, bustling souks, and beyond.


Experience Valencia, a vibrant city where history and innovation converge. Explore its bustling markets, stunning architecture, and sun-soaked beaches, all culminating in an immersive dive into the passionate rhythms of Spanish life.