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A Breathtaking Blend of Relaxation and Revelry in Ibiza

Ibiza, Part II – now onto what we did sans kids (thank you babysitters!) …

  • For our parents’ night out, we ventured over to the west coast of the island to catch the 9:30pm (!) sunset at Hostal La Torre @latorreibiza . Thanks to Kevin for working his timeless club promoter charms from the law school days and hooking us up here. It was a gorgeous setting, festive ambience, and the food and wine was quite tasty too.
  • We experienced a slice of the Ibiza club magic at Cafe Mambo @mamboibiza with major Cancun vibes – between the cocktails, a table-side magic show, and some dancing, it was a fun way to end our evening (though most people weren’t even getting started with theirs … this is Spain, after all, but alas we had to get back to the babysitter).
  • Since they arrived before us, the Stamlers had already discovered the perfect beach for a lazy afternoon without the kids. So we hit up Cala Sol d’en Serra, a stunning, rocky beach cove with balmy waters, very few people, and max relaxation. We brought some picnic provisions and most importantly, the ingredients to make our own Aperol Spritzes on the beach. This was a lot of fun and one of my favorite parts of the trip!
  • With more time we might have explored the Las Dalias Hippie Market or the Benirras drum circles at sunset, but it didn’t mesh with our schedule this time. The town of San Carlos also was lovely, with our favorite thing about Europe: a playground with adjacent cafes/restaurants.

Thanks for the inspiring team and to you for following along on our quick Ibiza getaway.

After finishing up the preschool year this week in Valencia, we’ll soon escape the insane summer heat here to embark on two months of slow travel through Poland, the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), and Finland. I’ll be sharing more about our family’s third EuroTrip journey here on @holanewmans and writing reflections, recommendations, and more on my new blog. Excited to get that going after a year of wishing IG would allow me more than 2K characters. Hasta la próxima!